Before You Book: Tweeze or Wax?

Elke's Tips on what you need to know before you book.

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Here are some things to consider before booking an eyebrow appointment.

To tweeze or wax?

That depends on the type of hair you have for your brows. Thicker, coarser hair responds best to waxing because you are more likely to get the root, therefore slowing down hair growth. Though thicker hair will almost always grow back (sorry!), you'll get results that lst longer with waxing.

Thinner, lighter hair likes tweezing because you can keep most of it's shape without worrying about hairs not growing back. If you have thin hairs, be very careful with waxing along the eyebrow line. These hairs probably won't grow back, since thin hair if finer and weaker, hairs usually don't grow back. Ask any blonde that's gotten her light blonde hairs waxed. And if it's a bad wax job? You'll be stuck with an eyebrow shape that may not grow back at all.

Always request that stray hairs between the brows and way below the brow to be waxed, while the hairs along the brow line are tweezed. That way you can play and change the shape when you want with eyebrow hairs that will grow back.


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