Terrame Day Spa Midtown

Terrame Day Spa Midtown

Certified Salon

Alabama, Certified Model Brow® Salon


  • Miranda Foster
  • Amy French
  • Amber Hardin
  • Isabella Iona
  • April Leslien
  • Kathleen Noland
  • Martha Steadman
  • Tiffany Whorton

No matter which treatment you choose to experience at Terrame©, your well-being, safety, comfort and enjoyment is our first concern. While we want you to relax during your service and feel tremendously pampered, we are also very focused on achieving results. We want to tune into your particular body goals and enhance the natural rhythms of your being. In developing our spa treatments, we have drawn from a wealth of age-old body and facial treatments that not only relieve stress but also have a tradition of healing. That rich heritage has been combined with the benefits of the latest technology to offer you state-of-the-art wellness and beauty enhancement services that go a step beyond the ordinary.


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