Brow Tips + How to Get our Perfect Line Brush For Free

We didn’t call it Perfect Line for nothing you know.

A straight cut line in a brush creates the most perfect edge to your makeup. A thin, flat edge is best for applying powder, cream or gel products. You can use to apply eyeliner, brow gel, colored or clear to the brow, and even use to apply mascara as eyeliner.


To apply your brow powder, pick up with your Perfect Line Brush dry, and then lightly shade into the brow. Think of it as a shadow effect, not a hard line. Then blend through with your soft spoolie brush. Go 1 shade lighter in powder than your brow color for a natural look, or go as close to your natural brow color for a slightly dramatic look.


To apply your mascara as eyeliner, pick up along the wand with your brush and then lightly line the top of your eye near the lash line. Because the mascara is a more of a cream intensity, you have more time to work with it and it glides on much easier than a liquid eyeliner. Best part is that it looks just as intense and as sharp as liquid eyeliner. It really works and super easy to apply to way. Stays on all day too.


To apply your brow mascara to your brows, use your brow gel as a shading or fill in product. Just pick up you colored brow gel onto the brush and lightly line in any sparse areas in the brow. Then lightly brush through to soften if needed with a super soft spoolie brush.


For a super intense look, wet the brush with a very small amount of water and work your brow shadow into a cream like paste. Place the flat tip of the brush at the lash line and dot color across the eye creating a precise line. For a smokier look: lightly brush upwards to soften the line – for more drama simply add to the lower lid.


Our Perfect Line Brow Brush is cut horizontally to create a perfect hair like effect.


  • Faux Squirrel Hair.
  • 100% Synthetic.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Vegan approved.
  • Matte black handle and black ferrules.
  • Odor and dye-free when washed.


  • Use with our Day Brow and Night Brow Shadows.
  • Makes our brow shadows look exactly the way it looks in the container when applied.

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