Achieve Your Brow Goal

Tired of waiting for you brows to grow in? Are #browgoals on your to do list? Does micro-blading scare the hell out of you (yep, me too… and I see all the bad ones…) See the first of my series on how to get to your #browgoals the quick and easy way.

Getting to your brow goal has never been easier. Why? Brow products galore. There’s so much to choose from in brow products now, that there’s literally no excuse to showing off your best brows. Even if growth has decided to slow down, or even stop.. brow makeup is the sure thing to making your brows look better faster.

So, what needs to be done to get your best brow? What fixes do you need to do? read on…..





Nothing fills in a brow gap better than a pencil. All it really does is make the skin look like the same color of the brow and viola. Gap gone. Oh, and in photos? You won’t even be able to tell. TIP: Brow shadow will not make gaps and holes disappear in a photo. Powder is not strong enough to hide it. What makes a pencil work? It’s the wax in the pencil that does it.

The only thing to figure out is what KIND of pencil. Yep. There’s tons of types of pencils now to choose from.



A precision brow pencil has a super thin, narrow lead that makes the pencil strokes look exactly like hair. If you want a super natural look, this is the way to go. Trick is to apply the pencil in the same direction of hair growth so it matches, and then blend lightly with a super soft spoolie so it looks natural, not like makeup. Try my fav elke® spoolie, made super soft just for this purpose.

TIP: Regular spoolies can be too hard and will only remove the pencil, not blend it. Plus it can be irritating to sensitive skin.

Precision Brow Pencil

  • Dual-ended brow pencil
  • Powder finish; long lasting
  • Beautiful soft pigment
  • Spoolie brush tip
  • Mineral oil free
  • Water resistant
  • Lasts 10 hours





For a stronger fill and holding power, try a gel waterproof brow pencil. Lasts literally all day and will not budge. I’ve seen in last through humid New York summer months, hot yoga and a swim at the pool….  Same technique, but you’ll find the gel pencil puts on color but not in a hair like stroke. It’s a softer look and you can blend it with a spoolie as well.. but after 1 minute, the color will be set.

TIP: Brow Gel Pencils are great for oily skin, and if you just don’t want to touch up your brows during the day.

Sketch Waterproof Brow Pencil

  • Gluten and Cruelty Free
  • Vitamin E enriched
  • A soft angle brush blending tool on the opposite end.
  • Stays on all day long.
  • A top seller.





Didn’t realize that existed did you. Introducing the Brow Blender Pencil. Yep. It’s brow shadow in a pencil form.

If you’re tired of your brows looking like your grandmother’s… try a shadow. It’s softer, lighter, easier to apply and yep, in a pencil form to make it even easier. Just draw on, blend and go. It even makes your brows look thicker. Ours is even waterproof… What I love is how easy it is to blend and shade. The spoolie brush on the end makes it blend perfectly. And go light handed on the application. It will make blending easier and look more natural.

TIP: If a pencil doesn’t look right, it’s usually the application of it. Go with a lighter stroke and blend down. If you don’t like you can easily blend it off and try it again. If you apply a pencil too heavily, it’s really hard to blend and even harder to get off. Makeup artist tip is to always go lighter and build up if needed. Makes makeup application sooo much easier.

Brow Blender Pencil

  • Dual-ended brow pencil
  • Powder finish; long lasting
  • Beautiful soft pigment
  • Spoolie brush tip
  • Mineral oil free
  • Water resistant

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