5 Ways To Maintain Your Brows Between Appointments

1. Step away from the tweezers

It’s not pulling out that random crazy hair that does it. It’s that one hair you’re not sure about, but you pull it anyway. And then whoops. You have a hole. A gap. A space. And then tweezing continues to try to save the hole, but then it gets bigger. If that’s a common thing, then maybe, it’s time to put away the tweezers. Or just do the crazy ones.


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 2. Make that messy brow work for you

Ok, they’ve grown in. It’s looking messy. But you just can’t get in for that appointment. In the meantime, make it work for you. And happily at the moment, a slightly messy, natural looking brow is in. And by summer, it’s going to be REALLY in. So what to do? Keep about 2 rows of messy hairs below your brow and clean up any strays below that. Then, with a soft brow shadow, lightly shade in where the messy hairs are. The goal is to not make it look dark, but like a shadow. A soft shade. It takes the edge off the stray hairs and makes the brows look a bit groomed. Sometimes that little bit can tie you over for another week.

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 3. Space our your appointments based on what you’re needing

Average visits are usually every 4-6 weeks. But what if your brows are growing long and crazy, but really nothing much else? Try spacing out your shaping appointments with a trim. So every 2/3 weeks, get a brow trim, which makes brows look neater. Then every 4-5 weeks after that get a shape. You can stretch out your actual shaping appointments that way. Save money and have nicer looking brows in the long run. Win-win.


4. Choose the right service for your brow

Getting the right brow for you has a lot to do with getting the right service and products for you brows. What are you looking for?

If you’ve had your brows butchered from bad tweezing or waxing, make sure you get your brows into rehab mode. How? Get your brows cleaned up, but only sparingly. I keep as much growth as possible to get brows to their maximum when I shape brows on clients. Products will help to boost the growth factor for faster growth, longer hairs, new growth and healthier hairs. Nothing like seeing results to get things started.

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 5. Avoid the scissors

Avoid trimming brows yourself as one too short cut can make brows look haggard, jagged and chopped up. Not that great a look. Get a quick brow trim to even out brows and make them look neater. Or if you just have to, take your scissors and cut 1 hair at a time. I know it sounds like it’ll take F O R E V E R, but trust me. One mishap and no one will notice.

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