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Brow Guru Extraordinaire Elke Von Freudenberg from The Model Brow was kind enough to to take some time out to answer a few questions submitted by you. I was bombarded with emails and comments. Since all the questions were basically the same I grouped them together.

Elke is absolutely amazing, not only is she gorgeous she is THE woman you want working on your eyebrow game. I'm looking directly at a few of you, yes. Here is the Queen of the Brows herself:

How do you know what eyebrow shape works for your face?
Personally, I never go by the face shape when designing brows. Your brows cannot change your face shape at all. I look at the texture, thickness, brow shape, your eye shape, hair cut and style. The #1 factor is your current brow shape and what it wants to do. By staying as close as possible to your exact brow line, you'll have the best brow shape for you.

What is better an eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil..and should it be all one color or a mix of 2 light and dark?
I prefer a brow shadow, which should be 1/2 shades lighter than your hair color to blend in. Apply your brow shadow first to fill and if the brow still has places that need for definition, then use your brow pencil in those areas. Using 2 colors really doesn't show up enough to make a difference.

How do you fix over plucking, making sure both eyebrows match without having to pluck the "normal" eyebrow.
The best way is to fill in the thinner brow with brow makeup as it grows in so it matches the thicker or 'good' brow as the thinner one grows in. There are slight adjustments an eyebrow expert can do to make both brows look similar as they grow so that way the differences don't look so obvious.

Before you guys start mass emailing, Elke is available @ The Model Brow in Manhattan to fix your more "serious" issues, Yvette I'm talking to you. Those three hairs are not considered an eyebrow, and please put down the sharpie! Elke absolutely knows her stuff, so definitely check out her website and book your appointments. In addition to fixing our brow hazard areas , the Model Brow also provides Brow-Lash Tint, Lash Perm, Depilar Permanent Hair Removal and Facial Waxing.

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