BeautyXpose asks me “How Do I Get Brilliant Brows?”

confused-about-brows1-thumb BeautyXpose asks me "How Do I Get Brilliant Brows?" Raquel W. Raquel Raquel own eye look freudenberg eyebrows eyebrow elke von freudenberg electrolysis com celebrity makeup artist brows BROW best bet   What a great way to wake up and find this great article on how to get amazing brows… see more of my interview with as myself as well as other brow pros answer the question:

Dear BX, I don’t have a clue about what to do for eyebrows. Do I wax or tweeze? Do I try it myself or leave it to a professional? I never know what shape I’m supposed to go for. I hear thicker brows are back, but does that mean the arched look is out? -Raquel W. Raquel, Raquel — we’ve all been there, believe me. There are so many options for eyebrows and so many brow “trends” that it’s no wonder you’re confused. Try these tried-and-true eyebrow taming tips to help you sort out what’s best for your own eye-framers.

Get Plucky. Which hair removal technique is best — waxing, tweezing, threading or electrolysis ? Well, a lot of it has to do with your personal choice (and how permanent you want your look to be, in the case of electrolysis). That said, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Eyebrow Specialist Elke Von Freudenberg believes tweezing is your best bet for precision plucking………………..

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