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“Elke always makes me look my best. She has huge talent: she can do beautiful fresh, clean makeup or wild, way-out looks and everything in between. Elke is always professional and easy to work with, and I call her whenever I need a makeup artist.”

Alexandra Paul

From Older Girl Beauty

One of the things I def wanted to do in NYC was to go see the fab “Eyebrow Specialist” Elke Von Freudenberg. I had been trying to coordinate my trips with her bi-coastal schedule and was lucky enough to get an appointment for this trip on Saturday morning. So, before I went, I took a “before” pic of my brows:

Little messy, but I like a fuller brow, so, that’s what she got to work with.  And this is how great they looked afterwards:

She told me that I had great shape, that my arch was in the right place, but that she wanted to just “sharpen them up a bit”. I was all for it and I think the results are great. (*the makeup is after my appt at Saks for the D&G Makeup launch – def more about that later.) And here I am with the lovely lady herself:

She was super generous with her time – even after my epic address FAIL! She does brows a neat way – she put on her super magnifying reader glasses and has you *sit up* in front of her, not laying down. She says this way she sees how your face falls naturally and can better shape your brows to fit your face this way. The didn’t use any wax or threading on me. Just pluck plucked me neat with her tweezers.

Elke Von Freudenberg – An Eyebrow’s Best Friend!

Eyebrow specialist Elke Von Freudenberg is genuinely fascinated by faces. She manages the brows of celebrities and regular men and women with gifted, critical eyes. I never realized how transforming Elke’s work really is, until I experienced her magic much better. “up-close-and-personal.” Her sparkling personality and calm demeanor puts even the most brow-phobic at ease. You can’t help but feel confident that when Elke’s finished shaping your eyebrows, no matter what shape they’re currently in, you’ll be looking your best.

If you ask Elke what sets her apart from other brow experts, she’ll reply that she always asks her clients what they want, instead of just doing what she thinks they should have. Many brow experts skip this because the assume they know best, but if you’ve ever had the horrifying experience of walking out of a salon with “Joan Crawford” instead of “Brooke Shields,” when all you really wanted was a cleanup of the stray hairs you were to lazy to pluck, you’ll appreciate this difference.

The second thing that sets Elke apart is her uncanny vision that helps flatter faces. She sees each set of eyebrows with all the passion and vision of an artist.

Elke creates new brow shapes, or fixes broken ones. Her tweezers are like a magic wand that can make all the difference in how someone looks right now, and in the future. She’d like to be known as the celebrity brow specialist in both coasts. With her combination of skills, personality and enthusiasm, and her own set of product called The Model Brow Collection, she’s well on her way. She works efficiently, but takes as long as necessary to listen to a client’s wishes, analyze each face, and get it right. Elke uses her eyes, not cookie cutter forms, to determine a perfect shape or ascertain what’s needed to fix a messed-up brow. Before she picks up her tweezers, she explains exactly what she is planning to do. This star treatment is for everyone, whether they’re celebrities, or models at a photo shoot, or just someone who wants to look his or her best.

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